Wizard Water Ski Jackets

We live for our weekends out on the water and we want it to stay that way! 

Safety is paramount when you’re enjoying your chosen water sport and protecting yourself and your family is easy with a Wizard custom water ski jacket.

Whether you are water skiing, jet skiing, wake boarding or wake surfing, you need an Australian-approved life jacket for everyone on board. Wizard offers a wide range of water ski jackets for the whole family that exceed the Australian Standards and are made to fit. Our range of custom-made life vests for men, women, children and infants are designed with both safety and comfort in mind and come in a variety of colours to suit your style.

Choosing the right water ski jacket for you and your family

Wearing a water ski jacket will help protect your body if you take a heavy hit that could otherwise break ribs or damage vital organs, and it will help keep your head above the water’s surface.

It should be comfortable but fit as securely as possible around your abdomen. Think of your jacket as a second skin; you don’t want any air between you and the jacket. Don’t forget, it will stretch out when it gets wet.

Wizard’s custom water ski jacket options are comfortable and snug fitting, yet still allow for maximum body movement to enjoy the sport you love.

Refer to our guide below to find your best fit.

Click here for the Standard Water Ski Jacket Size Chart

Wizard manufactures water ski jackets not only in accordance with Australian standards but is proud to actually exceed these standards.

For more information on what the safety requirements are in your local area, visit your state’s maritime safety website.

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Purchasing a Water Ski Jacket

When purchasing a water ski jacket for yourself or a family member, you need to take into consideration your body type and what you will be using it for. Our water ski jackets are made from high-quality material to ensure safety, durability and security for its wearer, not to mention they are made to fit individual body types and preferences. 

Our custom water ski jackets are firm, comfortable and most of all, provide maximum protection. We also have a great range of colours to suit both men, women and children. Check out the Wizard gallery or get in touch with us to get your order underway today.

Wizard Water Ski Pants

Looking to extend your wetsuit kit? Check out our range of wetsuit pants to add to your options.

A Wizard Wetsuits’ pair of neoprene water ski pants provide excellent protection and will keep you warm out on the water, whether you’re competing or skiing recreationally. Made from flexible, durable material, water ski pants will help reduce irritation both in and out of the water.

Our water ski pants are available in material between 2mm and 5mm thick and are suited for wearing in all water temperatures. For paddling, surfing, wakeboarding or swimming, our range of wetsuit pants can be worn alone or paired with a rash guard or wetsuit jacket for comfort and protection, check pivot .

Why wear water ski pants?

  • Provide crucial protection around the groin area with reinforced crotch and impact zones.
  • Shield your skin from harmful UV rays, both in and out of the water.
  • Provide lower body skin protection from irritation.
  • Easy to put on and take off, so you can change in and out of them as needed for all-day comfort.
  • Offer versatility in your wetsuit wardrobe.

Purchasing Wizard water ski pants

We offer a variety of water ski pants and leggings for men and women that can be worn while enjoying all kinds of water sports. No matter what you like doing, the team at Wizard will be able to help you find the water ski pants you’re looking for.

Check out our gallery, call (02) 7909 6543 or send an email to to add a pair of Wizard water ski pants to your wetsuit wardrobe.