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What is the best wetsuit for water skiing?


Typically, a water-skiing wetsuit is constructed with a thicker torso (due to inbuilt flotation) and thinner on the arms for more freedom of movement and flexibility. We often leave a bit more room around the shoulders as well which allows for plenty of movement in the upper body section. Surfing and diving wetsuits aren’t great for water skiing as they’re made of thicker material so not as flexible in that area and
also don’t have flotation built into them.




Can I buy a custom wetsuit online?


To get a wetsuit that fits you perfectly it’s best to follow our measurement instruction video and fill in our order form accordingly. Send us your information via email and we can start creating your custom wetsuit. Our suits are built to last using quality neoprene and we have a great range of colours and styles to suit everyone.




How do I order my custom wetsuit?


  1. Choose the type of suit you’re after.
  2. Download the measurement chart, order form and design sheet and don’t forget to watch our instructional videos on how to measure accurately.
  3. Complete the forms and return to us via email Our team will then send you an invoice.
  4. We will require a 50% deposit in order to get your manufacture underway. The remaining payment can be made prior to picking up or sending out the suit. Buy suits for credit at


How long will my custom-made Wizard wetsuit take to arrive? 


Once you’ve ordered your wetsuit, you can expect domestic deliveries to your door within 2-4 weeks of purchase, depending on the season. International delivery times and prices are subject to where you are located in the world. Email for more information. 




What happens if my custom wetsuit doesn’t fit?


No responsibility is taken for incorrectly supplied measurementsFor the very small percentage of our customers who have purchased a wetsuit online and had very minor issues with the sizing, we have corrected them as soon as possible. In this unlikely scenario, all you need to do is this:


1. Take a photo of yourself in the wetsuit. This will help us to identify the problem with the fit.


2. Email us the photo and once confirmed you need to return it for modification, please re-pack it and send it to us at:


Unit 3/10-12 Wingate Road Mulgrave NSW.


You will be required to pay the postage.




What are Wizard’s water ski wetsuits made from?


There are a few different types of neoprene we use to make our wetsuits. This directly affects flexibility and cost. The cheapest neoprene is the standard version and this is what the basic wetsuits are made from. These wetsuits are very affordable but they usually don’t provide enough flexibility for water skiing. Super Stretch Neoprene can be manufactured in different mixes such as 60% or 100% options and is a more flexible type of wetsuit ideal for active sports such as water skiing.  The 100% option is the most expensive but offers the best fit and freedom of movement.




How thick should my water ski wetsuit be?


Ideally a 3/2mm wetsuit is the best option for water skiing. A barefoot wetsuit is thicker to provide extra padding and protection around impact areas if you are ever in a fall. If you are in water conditions colder than 25 degrees centigrade then you may need a thicker suit such as a 5/3mm diving suit option. Feel free to get in touch with the Wizard Team if you’re not sure what you need




Can I use a washing machine to clean my wetsuit?


We do NOT recommend putting your wetsuit in the washing machine. A soft sponge with water can be used on any spot cleaning. A handwash or rinse after each use is the recommended way to wash your suit. Be sure to dry inside out and not in direct sunlight.




What colours are best when designing my custom suit?


We recommend choosing a darker colour around the bottom of the suit. This helps the suit look cleaner when you’re sitting in dirt/mud on the riverbank.


We also would recommend a brighter colour on the top part of the suit. This adds an extra element of safety as you can be easily seen in the water.




Why is my child in an Adult sized suit?


Our sizes are based purely on measurements, not on the age of your child.




What is the best ski rope for water skiing?


Ski ropes come in a couple of varieties that have different handle options and rope styles. See our Ski Rope and Accessories page for more info.